About Southway Carriers Inc

Family owned since 2011, we have been servicing the transportation industry in 48 states. With our focus in dry truck loads we have integrated our services in multiple sectors of the industry. Our main focus is to provide outstanding customer service for our customers, freight brokers and forwarders in the field. By utilizing the newest and up to date equipment we are able to provide outstanding results in quality of work along with on time service guaranteed. Centrally located in Westmont, Illinois we are in the heart of the Midwest located within arms reach of many centrally located highways, which makes expedited service more than a possibility within continental US.

  • Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide highest transportation services, as well as timely deliveries to our customers, safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources. We offer cost effective and problem solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives, while maintaining integrity, honesty, with our customers and business partners. Our employees are by far our most valued assets and we spend tremendous amounts of time in training and education of our drivers and office staff to comply with latest applicable traffic and government requirements. We value them as our close family and hold them to the core family values that we proudly have.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every employee we hire.
Last but not least, Southway Carriers Inc takes great pride in serving, improving and participating with the local community.

  • Our values

We value hard work and teamwork to foster the behavior that define us

  • Safe Operation – we are proud of our superior safety record and will continue to lead to protect our employees, clients, and general public. We go above and beyond to eliminate all accidents, injuries and any incidents related to our shipping practices.
  • Business Integrity – Southway Carriers leadership conducts business affairs honestly, fairly, and in an ethical manner at all times.
  • Business Quality – Committed to corporate quality, we continuously improve our services in order to meet, anticipate and exceed our customer requirements.
  • Solutions – We stand to our core belief and are always PRO-Active instead being RE-Active to any customer questions / issues. We provide solutions and never excuses.
  • Transparency – We are in trucking business, and service is what we sell. It is our quality of service that sets us apart from our competition. We communicate with our customers and drivers so their expectations are fulfilled.
  • Advocate for Our Customers – As a shipper, undoubtedly you know that if you don’t have happy carriers, it’s hard to negotiate rates year to year and also during tight capacity crunches, hard to secure transportation. It’s a fine dance our Southway Carrier Relations team has learned and passed onto our freight specialists and customer service representatives. Our proactive approach to invoice consolidation and freight analysis reports not only allows us to always look out for our customers but also to understand that without our carriers, we wouldn’t have as strong of a business.
  • Dignity and Respect for all. There is value in the diversity we experience every day – be it the values of a stranger, other employees, in matters of race or religion, everyone has value and this must be respected.
  • Our Goal

Continue to be ahead of the industry that is fast paced, via superior customer service, pristine equipment, and latest trucking technology.

We apply continuous improvement procedures to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce unnecessary costs, and provide better customer service to our employees and our customers. This will allows us to be even stronger in all aspects of our business.